makE the most of your college counseling resources

Your high school probably has incredible college counselors on staff. School counselors work hard to ensure that your students hit all their milestones during the college admissions process. Yet, your school may not be make the best use of your college counseling resources. What’s more, your student retention and college placement rates may be suffering as a result.

sustainable solutions

Caerus boosts the value of your school counseling staff with school-branded seminar courses for your students. We develop year-long, half-credit courses on your school’s behalf, about topics that include navigating college admissions and financial aid. Our courses meet or exceed regional accreditation guidelines, and are part of International Baccalaureate programs. Tens of thousands of high school students have taken our courses.

What do CAERUS clients say?

Here’s what clients say about their experience with Caerus:

“We are the only independent school in our market that’s made a sustainable investment in a suite of counseling seminar courses like this. It’s a huge competitive advantage. In fact, we centered this year’s re-enrollment campaign around the courses that Caerus custom-built for us. Our peers have nothing like it.”

– Marketing director

“The Upper School parents are huge fans. The seminar courses require about a half-hour of homework per week, and give students practical advice about how to address common areas of challenge among teenagers, such as goal-setting, empathy, ethical online behavior, study skills, resilience, time management, and the college admissions process. These courses are fabulous resources to help keep our students on track.”

– Head of school

“Our college counselors spend most of their time working with students individually or in small groups on personalized topics. We wanted to find a way to extend the value of our staff, and provide all students with standardized instruction on foundational guidance topics.

Now, our academic program features seminar courses that cover a robust collection of school counseling issues. These courses are the new backbone of our student advising process.”

– College counseling director

Caerus seminar courses are informed by a rare combination of expertise and experience in curriculum development, college admissions and financial aid, and independent school marketing communications. We have a strong track record of collaborative partnerships with high school counseling staff, and become trusted members of the team during projects.

If you’re looking for new ways to deliver value to students and families, Caerus curriculum is a smart solution. Have questions about costs and timelines? Schedule a project consultation. Exclusivity agreements are available in some geographic markets.