Tara Eames

I’m an award-winning marketing communications professional with twenty years of experience. I’ve worked on projects for higher education institutions, independent schools, distribution and logistics corporations, tech firms, executive coaching consultants, and nonprofit organizations.

I founded Caerus in 2019 to expand my range of projects and clients. But my story starts in the 1980s, when my father would bring me to work with him at a Philadelphia ad agency, and talk shop with me most nights across the kitchen table. I was the eight-year-old girl standing in the cereal aisle, looking at the box of corn flakes with a picture of C3PO on it, saying, “that’s good product placement.” I was raised to understand target markets.

My lifelong fascination with human emotion translates into a keen understanding of how to connect with a specific audience, while meeting my clients’ goals.

What can I do for you?