Meet Tara

Tara Durante is a second-generation marketing communications professional. She spent her days off from school wandering around the Philadelphia ad agency where her dad worked, listening to practice pitches and becoming fluent in shop talk. She was the ten-year-old girl who watched Michael Keaton fumble with a box of Tide laundry detergent in Mister Mom, and thought, “good product placement.” Tara was raised to understand target audiences, messaging, placement, and timing.

A lifelong student of human emotion, Tara has an award-winning track record of professional success that spans more than two decades. Her audience-focused communications help clients achieve their goals.

Tara is proud to specialize in an unusual niche of higher ed communications: financial aid messaging. She earned a certification from the Institute for Financial Aid at the College Board in Princeton, the same renowned boot camp course that is required for many college financial aid administrators. Enrollment teams trust Tara’s collaboration on their most challenging communications projects.

Likewise, Tara develops high school courses that help students understand complex topics related to planning for their future. Independent schools partner with Caerus for custom school counseling courses to support their students’ goals for college and career.

Professional certifications and affiliations

Tara is an associate member of financial aid administrators organizations in New York (NYSFAAA) and Massachusetts (MASFAA). It is her pleasure to serve as an awards judge for CASE and the American Marketing Association.